May 2, 2024

NOVA: True Advocacy in a True Crime World Webinar Recording

True Crime Podcast Training Founder Haley Gray joined a panel for the National Organization for Victim Advocacy (NOVA). They discussed how advocacy can exist in a world where true crime is often treated as entertainment.

The blurb from the NOVA website: True crime has become so pervasive in pop-culture that it is almost impossible to avoid. The nature of how common it is to talk about crime, has taken on a life on its own, making the public feel as if they are part of these very real, true cases. The question is, how ethical is true crime when these are the stories of real people and real situations? Do the silent victims and their loved ones have a right to privacy? How is the telling and re-telling of these stories impacting the living victims and advocates assisting in these cases? And what can content creators do to ensure their storytelling is ethical?

Find the recorded webinar at this link.

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