About True Crime Podcast Training

Since the inception of True Crime Podcast Training, it has always been a resource for anyone and everyone interested in becoming a true crime podcast professionals. Not only do we offer 100% online courses that are accessible, affordable, and self paced—but we also care deeply about the field of true crime. That’s why we promote best practices for victim-centered, ethical true crime.

Haley Gray and Andrea Marshbank, two Kansans met in Las Vegas, Nevada, by complete chance. Andrea had recently exited the teaching profession. Haley was working at a true crime convention. Through happenstance—and the help of a mutual friend—Haley and Andrea realized they were kindred spirits. Shortly after, the two women realized how many people could benefit from learning the skills that true crime podcast researchers and writers use daily. After over a year of curriculum development, True Crime Podcast Training was launched.

Our Impact

The TCPT Team is passionate about giving back to the community. A portion of TCPT profits are donated to these charitable organizations:

Black and Missing Foundation, DNA Doe Project, Sovereign Bodies Institute, Sex Workers Outreach Project-USA, Season of Justice, National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, and the Bridegan Foundation.

Do you have, or know of, a charitable organization we should donate to? Email us at info@truecrimepodcasttraining.com.

Meet the Team

We are a woman-owned, small business doing our best to make true crime better. Currently, we do not have any job openings. If you would like, you can submit your resume to careers@truecrimepodcasttraining.com for us to reference in the future.

Haley Gray

Co-founder, Co-CEO, and Research Specialist

Since 2016, Haley Gray has been a renowned true crime host, researcher, and writer for over 20 podcasts. Today, when she’s not working with the students of TCPT, Haley specializes primarily in researching and writing coverage of unsolved crime cases. In both her contributions to true crime podcasts and in her everyday life, Haley values ethics, integrity, and helping others above all else. Today, Haley works with the podcasts Already Gone, Big Mad True Crime, Detective Perspective, Military Murder, Moms and Mysteries, and Voices for Justice. Additionally, she is on the board of the Bridegan Foundation.

Andrea Marshbank

Co-founder, Co-CEO, and Education Specialist

Andrea Marshbank is a licensed reading, writing, and communications teacher in the state of Kansas. For more than five years, Andrea honed her teaching expertise in the classroom. She won awards and grants for her student-centered teaching style. Under Haley Gray’s tutelage, Andrea began researching and writing for true crime podcasts. Now, Andrea researches and writes for nationally ranked podcasts full-time. Andrea is proud to be an advocate for ethical true crime, transparent journalism, and education. Today, Andrea works with the podcasts Southern Fried True Crime and The First Degree.