Alumni Reviews

Explore these alumni testimonials to understand what it’s like to take a True Crime Podcast Training course.

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone that is interested in pursuing true crime research/starting your own podcast! The information is very well presented, super easy to follow, and you are supported every step of the way. My amazing coach always responded quickly with answers to my questions, or with feedback. Even with a background in research, I don’t feel I would have been prepared to pursue this career without this course. Upon completion (with premium course), you are also given access to a community that can lead to employment, which I believe will be crucial! This course is an all around great experience!”

Elizabeth Atwood (Premium Research Course)

“Andrea and Haley have created a comprehensive and engaging program that truly prioritizes the value of ethical true crime while providing exciting and challenging opportunities to practice tangible research skills. The time and attention they pay to their students are amazing. They are always available for questions or to talk through sticking points, and provide the most wonderful and helpful feedback! Working through the research course was an absolute pleasure, learning from these pillars in this field was an absolute privilege, and I feel completely prepared to enter this industry!”

Sydney Pacha (Premium Research Course)

“I recently completed the True Crime Podcast Training certification, and it was an incredibly positive and enlightening experience. Learning from co-founders Haley Gray and Andrea Marshbank, both of whom bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise from their respective fields, was truly inspiring.

The content and resources provided throughout the certification were invaluable. The course taught me to approach true crime research and storytelling with a deep sense of ethics and responsibility towards the victims and their families. The practical application components, which involved working through real cases with timely feedback, were particularly impactful. The live webinars and watching Haley do her own research were also very helpful. All of this helped develop my skills and made the learning experience highly relevant and engaging.

One of the most significant benefits of this certification has been the opportunity to join a network of passionate and dedicated advocates in the true crime field. The sense of community and support among the participants and instructors has been amazing.

I highly recommend the True Crime Podcast Training certification to anyone interested in pursuing or advancing their career in true crime podcasting. The lessons learned, the skills acquired, and the connections made are truly invaluable. Thank you, Haley and Andrea, for creating such a comprehensive and impactful program.”

Charity Dodd (Premium Research Course)

“Haley and Andrea have developed a comprehensive, engaging, and industry-leading course that gives everyone the tools to both start or build on their existing careers in ethical true crime podcast research. The professional, tailored, step-by-step guidance and exceptional level of support provided facilitates every student’s potential for success.”

Gemma Harris (Premium Research Course)

“Haley and Andrea of TCPT are excellent instructors and mentors. They truly have a passion for promoting ethical research and are very knowledgeable in their field. This program is presented in such a way that anyone can learn the techniques needed to conduct original and ethical research material. This team is a joy to work with and they truly care about the success of their students.”

Rachael Spillers (Premium Research Course)

“Haley Gray’s podcast research training helped me go from no knowledge about true crime podcast research to researching for several different true crime and supernatural podcasts. After completing her training I was hired to research and write for an upcoming podcast, at a rate of $20/hr. From there my client list kept growing. In addition to podcasting, I have been able to apply my new research skills to other areas of my life, such as my higher education pursuits.

Since completing my research training I have researched and assisted in research for podcasts such as Detective Perspective, Voices for Justice, Moms and Mysteries, Big Mad True Crime and Let’s Talk About Sects. Haley Gray and her teaching skills helped launch my podcasting career.”

Anna Luria (Premium Research Course)

“TCPT is hosted by personable, knowledgeable hosts who prioritize victim-focused research. I loved the flexibility of this program. I found myself excited rather than nervous for each step of the practice research case, and I’m excited to take my skills to the next level.

I’m a server and haven’t been using my English degree whatsoever, so when I heard I could be a researcher and writer for podcasts, I was excited to finally build a career for myself! I love TCPT’s flexibility and goal to prioritize victim-focused research. I found myself excited rather than nervous for each step of the practice research case. 2 weeks after completing the training, I’m already making $20/hr and have 3 clients!”

Satori G. (Premium Research Course)