Nov 5, 2023

Domestic Violence and True Crime with Rachel Grollmes and Haley Gray

It’s easy to see the connection between true crime content and domestic violence. In fact, according to the National Coalition Against Violence, 15% of all crimes are related to domestic violence. That’s over 100,000 crimes each year.

True crime researchers, writers, and podcast hosts need to think actively about the relationship between domestic violence and true crime. That’s why TCPT founder Haley Gray and YWCA Center for Safety Empowerment Public Education Coordinator Rachel Grollmes. You will find that recorded webinar and related resources below.

  1. Webinar Recording ↓↓↓

2. Transcript for the Domestic Violence and True Crime Webinar with Haley Gray and Rachel Grollmes

3. YWCA Domestic Violence and True Crime Presentation ↓↓↓

4. YWCA Cycle of Violence Graphic

5. YWCA Cycle of Power and Control Graphic

Interested in reading more about how domestic violence intertwines with true crime? Check out Amanda Kippert, of, article entitled “What Your True Crime Podcast is Missing.”

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