Oct 17, 2023

TCPT Launch Press Release

Two Topeka women have founded a first-of-its-kind small business known as True Crime Podcast Training (TCPT). Haley Gray and Andrea Marshbank, both active researchers and writers for true crime podcasts, have created online training courses for those wanting to gain the skills to research and write for true crime podcasts. 

The online program’s inaugural class began on October 16, 2023 with additional classes starting in January, April and July. Successful graduates of this accelerated, 8-week course will be qualified to research for true crime podcasts using best practices for victim-centered and ethical true crime. 

For more than seven years, Haley Gray has been a renowned expert in the true crime podcast field. After attending Fort Hays State University, the Kansas local entered the true crime field as a podcast host. Over time, Gray transitioned into the roles of researcher and writer. 

Now, Gray has researched and written for top-ranking true crime podcasts such as My Favorite Murder, Generation Why, Moms and Mysteries, Big Mad True Crime and more. Gray’s efforts to promote ethical true crime, which intentionally values the victim’s perspective, are widely recognized. 

The second TCPT founder, Andrea Marshbank, became a high school English teacher in 2016 after graduating from the University of Kansas. In 2022, Marshbank exited the classroom to write content for a marketing agency. Shortly after, Gray trained Marshbank to research and write for true crime podcasts. As a result, Marshbank now researches and writes full-time for podcasts such as Southern Fried True Crime and The First Degree. Marshbank’s positive experience under Gray’s tutelage inspired their new training program. 

Gray’s extensive true crime background and Marshbank’s instructional design expertise allowed the women to design an engaging curriculum for students who want to work with true crime podcasts. Gray and Marshbank’s passion for ethical true crime is also apparent since they donate a portion of all profits to relevant charities like the DNA Doe Project.

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